Choose market data source. Select great features for your AI models. Train on historical data and use our real time data feed to serve your models in live trading.
The right data for crypto AI Trading solutions
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Utilize the ultimate data source for perfect datasets
We've developed the state of the art market data collection, storage, and processing infrastructure.

We reliably collect the most precise market data for spot and derivatives markets from major crypto exchanges.

We partner with crypto exchanges to become ultimate data source for AI modelling with confidence.

So you only choose your preferred market data from Qset Asset Universe to derive the best quality features generated both in batch and realtime modes.

Right features for right AI trading models
The right features are the key to AI modelling success. As many actual features represented as algorithms, they should be managed the same way we manage source code in software development including testing, versioning, CI/CD.

Being experts in market microstructure features, we've already created many of them, developed feature repository and have provided CookBook to show their importance.

Discover, select, and add to pipeline our features and aggregation algorithms to get the best input for your AI model. Or you can create, use, and share your own features to easily get tailor-made datasets!

Scalable data fueling for enterprise-grade production
Great AI models need BIG data in batch mode and INSTANT data in realtime mode.

We've utilized most advanced bounded and unbounded data processing technologies to build extremely scalable pipelines management system for big data processing.

We've created fastest customized real time processing to serve HFT AI models.

Deploy features and create datasets quickly with Qset.
Get Early Access
Provide your email and we will be in touch on current service available and milestones.
About us
We've founded Qset to make the best crypto datasets available for AI trading solutions.

We aim to become the leading AI financial data provider and dramatically speed up quantitative investment workflow by providing data scientists with the right data and enable them to focus on building machine learning models for the future.

We believe that on the top of Qset success we can build reliable and useful data platform for AI in different industries.
Vadim Filippov
Serial entrepreneur, expert in software development, founder of multiple startups with successful exits, passionate about ML in fintech. PhD, MBA
Hans-Martin Oberholzer
Experienced venture investor, consultant, and Business Developer with focus on sales.
David Finkelstein
Investment manager with more than 15 years of quantitative asset management experience. MSci, MBA, CQF
BR Capital

Decentralized economy built on data, code, consensus and incentives, will be much bigger than the internet we know today.

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